Triumph Trivia

Astound friends and family with your intimate knowledge of Trumpy details.
Why only t’other day at the Waiheke Weekender I was able to stun host Steve with my expertise in frames. During the social evening he pointed out a project, yet to be started, using a 69 frame – I was able to appraise him of the fact that it was indeed a 1970 frame, see ‘Last of the Sixties Frames’ in this section. (Steve comments “Actually Nigel you leaned back to admire my fine collection of frames hanging from the shed ceiling, stunned yourself falling over pissed and crawled off to your tent while we partied on till the wee hours.” Nigel “Ahh yes well, I knew it had something to do with stunning and triumph frames, my recollection is obviously a bit hazy.”)

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