More old Triumph parts!

In addition to the 1908 Triumph engine previously listed (, David Lee in New Plymouth also has a bunch of other old Triumph parts for sale (see photos below). Some parts have not yet been identified and might possibly be from a different brand. If you are interested in purchasing any of these parts or can identify any of them as non-Triumph, please contact David Lee via email at

If you would like to see higher-resolution versions of any of the photos below, you can contact David or email

img 1600 sml
Img 1600
img 1603 sml
Img 1603
img 1604 sml
Img 1604
img 1605 sml
Img 1605
img 1606 sml
Img 1606
img 1618 sml
Img 1618
img 1619 sml
Img 1619
img 1620 sml
Img 1620
img 1621 sml
Img 1621
img 1624 sml
img 1624
img 1625 sml
Img 1625
img 1626 sml
Img 1626
img 1627 sml
Img 1627
img 1646 sml
Img 1646
img 1652 sml
Img 1652
img 1653 sml
Img 1653
img 1300 sml
Img 1300
img 1301 sml
Img 1301
img 1302 sml
Img 1302

1908 Triumph engine for sale

This engine is for sale in New Plymouth. Serial numbers identify it as being manufactured in December 1908. Identified by David Cornelius and he estimated its value at $2000. Not a lot more is known about it. If you’re interested, please contact David Lee via email at

img 1241
img 1243
img 1242