Become a Member of TOMCC NZ


Membership Secretary

Rik Reid

Phone: 0272 588-530


PO Box 5035, Wanganui 4542


Current Members: Queries and renewals

For current members, the annual membership renewal fee is $30. If you are already a member, please don’t use the online membership form below. As a current member, you will be sent a renewal reminder each year and you can pay online using your name and membership number as a reference. If you just want to ask the Membership Secretary about your current membership, please use the email address or phone number listed above.


New Members: How to join

Our anniversary date for renewals is 1st July so the sliding scale for new memberships is as shown below:

Jun / Jul / Aug / Sep / Oct … $40

Nov / Dec / Jan / Feb … $30

Mar / Apr / May … $20


PLEASE NOTE: Acceptance of membership will be subject to approval by the committee of TOMCC NZ Inc under the provisions of rule 3E of the society’s registered rules.


To access our online membership application form, click here.


The online membership form allows you to simply fill in your details and click “submit”. An email will be sent to the TOMCC Membership Secretary and you will receive an automatic email showing the details you have entered and payment instructions.


Alternatively you can download a PDF membership form here. You will then need to download the form, print it, fill it in, and then mail it (or scan it and email it) to the Membership Secretary.