TOMCC Wanganui monthly ride

A beautiful day in the central North Island on the last Sunday of the month saw 7 Wanganui riders (Tim, Neil, Andy, Robbie, Steve, Murray and Brendan) head for the Pongaroa Hotel on the far eastern side of our Manawatu-Wanganui province. If you haven’t been to the Pongaroa Hotel lately, and you happen to be in the vicinity (okay, you might have to make a special trip), it’s well worth stopping by. They’re in good hands and coping well with Covid-19. Tim

20200726 125656
Classic back-country pub entrance!
20200726 125723
Love that indoor-outdoor flow. Dammit … I’ve been watching too many real-estate programs!
20200726 125619
My fault … we failed to park all our bikes in a row. Sorry guys.
20200726 112628
Brief stop on the top of the Saddle Road. Note our Can-Am Spyder in the foreground!
20200726 112639
Yep … more windmills.
20200726 112737
Murray makes sure he gets in the photos. And his bike.
20200726 120416
Petrol in Dannevirke. Note classic Kevin Schwantz Lucky Strike jacket!