Fuel Blockage/Dirty Tank

Had a bit of trouble with the carbs blocking after one of the old Meridens had been sitting for a few years. Apparently the go is to get this inside of the tank fiberglassed (costs more than $100 though) and I was looking for a more economical solution at the time (yeah I’m a cheap bugger) My mate Andy used a proprietary product that you pour inside the tank and coat the inside but don’t go that way, he was stopping every hour or so when we went to Hawkes Bay last year to clean bits of the coating out of his carb. I solved the problem on my OIF Bonnie more simply.

Nigel sprocket recalls the fuel tanks on the first of the OIF bikes; The Umberslade Hall team were proudly unveiling the revolutionary new four gallon tank, ideally suited to practical long distance riding when cleaning lady Judy (no relation to Franklin TOMCC member Judy) walk past with mop and bucket “geez that’s a bleedy ugly tank looks like me mum’s breadbox, wot’s wrong with the four gallon tanks on them 60’s Trumpies?” Umberslade Hall; “Righto we’ve had enough of being pestered with your ill-informed comments, we’re going to close the Meriden Factory, even though it’s the only one making any money at the moment, which will put your auntie out of work.” Yes fellow TOMCC members this was the start of the unrest that ended with the blockade at Meriden in 74/75! You heard it here first!

First give the tank a good clean out by shaking it up with loose bolts and petrol in the tank. Then fit inline fuel filters, cheap ones are okay they cost around $8.

Clean the filters out every now and again – mine gradually collected less gunge over an 18 month period – by tapping them on the bench and pump clean petrol backwards through them using pressure oil can.