Winners of the Rick Weller Trophy

At the TOMCC Wanganui AGM on Monday 28 September, a dead-heat resulted at the conclusion of voting for the Rick Weller Trophy – Anita Coleman (secretary) and Tim Fraser (coordinator) jointly awarded the trophy this year. The Rick Weller Trophy is awarded annually for the most outstanding contribution to the Wanganui chapter of TOMCC NZ during the preceding 12 months.

img 3897
Wanganui Treasurer Abbo (on right) presents the Rick Weller Trophy to Tim and Anita.
img 3898
Some of the other AGM attendees proving that a) you’re not safe from the cameraman just because you stay in the background and b) AGMs aren’t all serious business, long faces and boredom. This wasn’t a staged photo – someone had just cracked a joke, though I can’t for the life of me remember what it was.